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variety is key



What comes in each box?

Each month will have between 4-8 items depending on their value.  You will see a wide variety of products, both consumable and tools that will be beneficial to you in your daily grooming. Items included will be both Foxy Roxy brand as well as many different other brands.  We will be searching to find awesome companies to show off their stuff!

Is there a cancellation fee?

No, but as always, we ask for one month's notice for cancellation.

I'm nervous to sign up after having had issues with other boxes.  How can I be sure this one will be good?

We understand the hesitancy, so we have a 15 day money back guarantee! Here's how it works:
When you receive your first box*, if you are not happy you can return it for a full refund and we will cancel you immediately with no "month's notice".  All items must be wrapped and unopened and you will not be eligible to sign up again for 6 months. 
*valid on your first box after sign up only

Do you ship overseas?

Due to the recent price increases and changes in duty fees, we do not have overseas shipping set up, however, if you would like to get a shipping quote for overseas, please email us at

Will this box include shears or blades?

NOPE!  For shears, you'll want to join our Scissor of the Month Club! 
As for blades, we cannot include them due to their high cost. 

How does it work when I sign up?

We charge a month ahead to keep things running smoothly and on time!  Because of this, you will be charged on the day you sign up and then you will be charged again on the 25th of that month or the following month for the next month's box. 
All boxes will ship each month on the 15th regardless of when you sign up. 

What kind of packaging will it come it?

To keep extra costs at a minimum and leave more room for products, Groomer Supply Club will be shipped in a flat rate shipping box.  It won't be quite as pretty, but it gets the job done and you'll get more stuff inside, which is what it's really all about, right?

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